IT Security

24×7 Security Monitoring

MLTS CyberSOC Overview

The MLTS CyberSOC monitors your environment to ensure proactive detection and response to threats, intrusions and attacks. The service collects, analyzes and correlates Active Directory information, server/client logs and network traffic. You will get timely and actionable security intelligence without the noise of endless false positives.

CyberSOC Benefits

  • A Proprietary cloud-based SIEM / Onsite IDS Sensors for log aggregation and correlation.
  • Continuous monitoring, analysis and correlations of events, logs and user information.
  • A Concierge Security Engineer who understands your IT & business and provides a personalized service.
  • Fully managed detection and response 24×7.
  • Improve your overall security posture.
  • Protect breaches through early detection and quick response.
  • Threat and vulnerability management.
  • Security compliance monitoring.
  • Learning loop to customize the service and alert profiles for your environment.
  • Monthly External Vulnerability Assessments.
  • Custom alerts, response management and reporting.

MLTS will:

  • Continuously review all data and perform triage/forensics on any anomalous investigations.
  • For each incident prescribe a recommended remediation plan.
  • Provide Forensic & malware analysis support when requested & as required to remediate or do root cause.
  • Produce regular Monthly/Quarterly summaries
  • Run Monthly external vulnerability assessments.