What we do

Managed IT Services

What are “Managed IT Services”?

Unfortunately, it depends on who you ask. MLTS considers Managed Services the building block that the rest of the relationship is built on. With a Managed Services agreement, we are equiped to handle the day to day IT needs of your business. Things like updates, monitoring and Help Desk support.

Managed Services

We provide the necessary resources for smooth day-to-day IT operations that support your business


We partner with you to create a Technology Roadmap. This is a living and evolving document used to guide Business-Technology decision making. We itendify any troubled areas or gaps, come up with a solution and deploy them in conjunction with your business goals and timelines.


We take care of the day-to-day IT operations. Thinkgs like: applying patches and updates, checking for storage and performance issues and confirming that the equiprment is configured in accordance with industry best practices.


Given enough time, there will be a technology related issue that slows us down. When something pops up, our Help Desk is here to step in and resolve the problem quickly!


IT problems can stop the most productive team member in their tracks. We strive to catch issues before they become noticable and fix them without interupting your staff.

Covered Tasks

It can be difficult to comprehend what is “included” so, here is a partial list of services that are included with a Managed Services agreement. 

Description Frequency Included
Onsite Monthly Executive Technology Review (ETR) Monthly YES
Setup New Profiles on Desktops and Laptops As Needed YES
Forgotten Password Resets As Needed YES
Restore Files from Backups* As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Hardware Issues As Needed YES
Monitor Server and Computer Backups As Needed YES
Warranty Claim Processing As Needed YES
Clear & Reset Printer Queues As Needed YES
Troubleshoot Internet Service Provider Issues & Outages As Needed YES
Monitor WiFi Access Points Operations & Availability As Needed YES
Update Wi-Fi SSID / Keys As Needed YES
Add / Edit / Delete DNS Records As Needed YES
Configure Outlook or Mail App As Needed YES
Add / Edit / Delete User Accounts As Needed YES

*** This is not the full list ***